How to increase your data security if you use a NAS

If you own a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) device, but don’t have a massive budget for security, it is possible to set up your NAS in a more secure way than you may be doing it currently. Generally when you set up a NAS device, it is necessary to open ports directly to it from the Internet through port forwarding. However, if you store sensitive information on your NAS, opening ports that allow direct connections from the Internet can be very insecure. Even though some NAS devices may have in-built firewalls, they are quite basic and this method still exposes the NAS to direct attacks.

A great way to solve this problem (if this is your current set up) is to utilise the network infrastructure of the company who makes the NAS. For example, Synology allow you to use a service called ‘QuickConnect’, which is essentially a routing service from your NAS to anywhere on the Internet. The benefit of this is that you do not need to open ports directly exposing your NAS to the Internet, and if you are within your LAN it will still route directly to the NAS. An added benefit is that you can create a custom name to route to your NAS so that it’s easy to remember. This does shift the trust to Synology, which may not be ideal depending on your privacy and data confidentiality requirements – but it generally fine for everyday people like you and me.

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