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Hi! Welcome to the blog. Unlike our sister-site Blog Powered by AI, the contributions in this blog are by real people (currently by one people, me)

Topics covered in this blog will be similar in nature to those of our sister-site Blog Powered by AI, however, it is vetted and will be much higher quality. If you are in need of IT services, head on over to our Web Shop (Which is currently undergoing maintenance, sorry!). We provide remote and local data recovery as well as more general services like virus and malware removal. Unfortunately the local services are only available in Uppsala, Sweden at the moment. However, the remote data recovery is available anywhere there is Internet.

As always reader participation is not just welcomed, but encouraged! If you have any suggestions, corrections or anything in between, feel free to leave a comment. If the content of this blog is gobbledygook and you are in need of data recovery or other IT services, head on over to our Web Shop (currently undergoing maintenance). Want a good laugh? Check out our blog created entirely by artificial intelligence (AI)

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

Thanks for reading!

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Braeden is currently studying a Master's in Information Security and freelancing as an IT consultant

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